15. It’s a combination of flaws and skills that make you who you are
Trying to downplay either one is to do yourself a disservice. You earned your flaws from experience — or you even earned experience at the hand of your flaws — and your skills set you apart. Owning them together doesn’t make you haughty or conceited; it means you know your worth and are aware of what you bring to the table in each situation.

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1. We are all really just figuring things out as we go

Nobody has everything all figured out. Not in the beginning, anyway. We all have to start somewhere, and whether or not we’re born into circumstances that are advantageous, we still build everything from the ground up. We take stabs in the dark as often as we try for educated guesses, and some attempts just look smoother than others.

2. It’s okay if you change your mind

You’re allowed to do this, you know. We’re given the power to objectively reason over things for, well, a reason. Saying you’re wrong or that you’ve changed your mind does not make you a weaker or less trustworthy person; it means you’re able to own up to your change of heart and possibly even do some good with it.

3. ‘No’ isn’t the worst thing someone can tell you

It’s how you…

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