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The Shy Speakers' Guide to Success

I’ve learnt a great deal during my stints as Emcee over the last couple of months… and here are some insights for anyone who wishes to be an effective emcee or are just starting out emceeing themselves.

Role of the Emcee

As the Emcee, (or Masters of Ceremonies), you are the bridge between the audience and the “Stars”. These are usually the contest participants (if you’re hosting a contest), or the speaker/trainers (if you’re hosting a seminar, workshop or lecture).

You are the star maker, not the star! You are the grease that lubricates the flow of events of the programme. You are not there to hog the limelight, or steal it from the main characters of the night.

The role of the Emcee is to facilitate the event and ensures that programme materializes without a hitch (or minimise those hitches that come up).

Responsibilities of the Emcee…

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