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Whether one of your New Year’s resolutions is to stop dating bad people or try to make unhealthy relationships work, we all want to avoid rejection. Sometimes it’s hard, because when we knowingly try to make it work with certain people, we end up surprised or dumbfounded when they just don’t. I know we’re supposed to give everyone a chance, but some people are just so not worth it. This year, you are going to avoid the type of people who make you miserable, who pull on your heart-strings and then eat them for brunch. It’s 2014, and you are just going to walk away before they have the chance to do any of that.

1. The self-indulgent creative type.

As a creative person myself, I vowed to never date another writer. Writers, film majors, and artists can be unbelievably sexy, especially if they’re good at their craft. Like…

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