I think I’m guilty…

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Alan Levine Alan Levine

1. When someone gets too drunk, you find yourself holding their hand as you spoon feed them little sips of water and ordering them food to settle their stomach. Your caring instincts kick in as you figure out the cab situation to take everyone home from the bar and make sure everyone drinks enough liquids before they head to bed.

2. You’re always the first to calculate cost and potential surprise financial obstacles when it comes to planning a trip. You may even take to making spreadsheets with a breakdown of how much a weekend camping trip will cost in order to make sure funds are spread around evenly.

3. You’re the first to remind your friends when it’s time to get a haircut and when their shirt is untucked.

4. You’re always the one who has aspirin, and tissues, and snacks anytime you all leave the house…

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