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If I had to give a name to my financial nemesis that name would be Duane Reade–-that chain of easily accessible, convenient stores located on every other corner of New York City. Each time I step into a Duane Reade currency takes on a different meaning since $5 spent on an impulsive purchase isn’t nearly as impractical as buying that $50 shirt I was coveting. I have the same flawed way of thinking when it comes to the New York City metro card, which costs us New Yorkers a whopping $112 a month! Dropping money on a flimsy, plastic card is hard to swallow but refilling that card in $5, $10, or $20 increments makes the whole transaction easier to digest. Someone much more savvy in finances would stand up and state the obvious, which is I spend more refilling my card and save more by buying the monthly pass but this…

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