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If you’ve ever experienced the following:
1. Felt a connection with someone
2. Became entangled in some sort of love-making
3. Realized you were thinking about your potential future with this person

…then you understand how love and commitment are related and how easily our minds connect the two.

It troubles me, though, just how connected we treat these two very different things.

What is love?

Love, as it turns out, is a feeling (no surprises there). We get tingly and joyful. We get excited. We love. We hug and kiss and wrap our bodies around each other because it somehow expresses this feeling. “I want to smoosh my body onto your body” is probably the best way I’ve heard this described, in one of the best explorations of this topic I’ve ever read.

What is commitment?

Commitment, on the other hand, is a decision. Based on some combination…

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