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1. He will change

In all likelihood, no he won’t. People transform, but they also are who they are. Often that is a good thing. If you’re with a guy who just isn’t what you’re looking for changing him to suit your mold just isn’t fair. And if you’re hoping he’ll change from an inconsiderate asshole to the boyfriend who shows up with flowers and Chinese takeout, that is very unlikely to happen.

2. I can’t do better than him

Yes actually, you can. We’re all familiar with the sitcom stereotype of overweight, unattractive husband and smoking hot wife. But have we ever seen the reverse? No. And these kind of social influencers make women believe they have to take what they can get. But in actuality, you are beautiful, you are smart, you are funny, and you deserve someone who treats you right, whether he’s a model or a…

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